Agenda – The Ai CEO Institutional Investment Summit & Index Series Capital Market Awards 2017

The Africa investor (Ai) CEO Institutional Investment Summit and Capital Market Index Series Awards, incorporating the African Sovereign Wealth and Pension Fund Leaders Forum, is the international calendar event and platform for US and global institutional investors to engage African pension and sovereign wealth funds and capital market leaders on investment opportunities in African markets.

The 2017 Summit will examine ways in which Africa’s asset owners and capital markets can be a pervasive platform to convert Africa’s economic opportunity. It will investigate co-investment strategies, private equity opportunities and how Africa’s capital market leaders can increase liquidity and trading activity by working with asset owners, sovereign wealth and pension funds, as well as the global institutional investment community to originate and intermediate transactions in Africa.

18 September 2017

07h00 – 08h00

Summit Registration


NEPAD CBN Leaders Working Breakfast Dialogue

09h15 – 09h25

Welcome and Opening Remarks

09h25 – 10h05

Africa’s Capital Market Investment Climate: Resilient Exchanges and Continued Growth

African capital market leaders will examine current capital market trends and will review investor appetite across various sectors and regions. The 2017 economic climate is forecast to be particularly challenging and investors are seeking reassurance. This panel will review current investment models and discuss ways in which global institutional investors can access and participate in the growth of African public markets.

10h05 – 10h45

African SWFs as Strategic Capital ‘Anchors’ and Co-Investors

Innovative co-investment models are needed to drive investment, sustain growth and mitigate risk. In this session, sovereign wealth fund leaders will discuss and assess domestic and regional co-investment opportunities, including investment laws, governance and political risk considerations to optimise these transactions. This session will also look at NEPAD’s strategic positioning to partner with sovereign wealth funds

10h45 – 11h00

Networking Break

11h00 – 11h40

Keeping Africa on Consultants’ and Trustees’ Radars

This session will explore strategies and market practices used by consultants when evaluating Africa as an investable market. It will discuss how research is generated and proposed to Boards of Trustees, consultants’ mandates, RFPs and the options available to trustees to increase their knowledge and exposure to the African market.

11h40 – 12h20

African Pension Funds Roundtable

In this session, African pension funds will discuss their mandates, interests and co-investment requirements for both domestic (African) and international (US and global) intra-African co-investment partnerships.

12h20 – 14h20

The Ai Presidential-CEO Investment Summit

Organised in partnership with GPF, this year’s Heads of State Summit will focus on energy investment opportunities for the global and domestic institutional investment community.

14h20 – 15h00

African Banking and Insurance CEO Success Stories

This session will showcase banking and finance investment success stories. It will highlight the impact of these firms, their access to the underlying African growth story and how institutional investors can access these opportunities.

15h00 – 15h40

Annual Roundtable on North American Pension Funds and Endowments Investing in Africa

This session will convene leading US institutional investors to build on last year’s dialogue and the ongoing relationship developing from the Obama-led US-Africa Summit on practical steps to mobilise and engage US institutional investment leadership on investing and co-investing in Africa. The session will explore the practical challenges, opportunities and strategies to successfully allocate and invest in the continent.


Networking Break

15h00 – 15h40

Leaders’ Panel on Financing Development Costs

This panel will look at innovative financing strategies and preparing for due diligence in capital raising and co-development. This session will share insights on various development costs and preparing project developers for the due diligence and capital raising process. It will provide critical insights for the project and company business plans and latest protocols on valuation and risk management models.

15h55 – 16h35

Second Annual Ai High-Level Roundtable on Pension Investment in Emerging Markets

In a global investment landscape marred by lower returns, coinciding with increasing geopolitical risks, emerging markets and developing economies offer patient asset owners the promise of higher risk-adjusted returns. But seeming difficulties pertaining to country-risk miscalculations, limited liquidity, the perceived lack of ‘investable’ opportunities and the shortage of EM-savvy trustees and board members can still be seen by some as barriers to investment. This panel brings together leading experts from North America, the UK, France and Australia to share concrete ways to manage such risks and build meaningful investment exposures to the world’s most vibrant economies.

16h35 – 17h15

Upcoming African Bond and Alternative Investment Opportunities

This session will discuss African bond markets, upcoming sovereign and corporate bond issuances and alternative investment opportunities.

17h15 – 17h20

Day-Chair Closing Remarks

17h20 – 17h45

Africa investor (Ai) Capital Markets Index Series Awards

Alongside each annual Ai CEO Institutional Investment Summit, Ai hosts a set of Awards that recognise the achievements of capital market investors, business leaders, regulators, and institutions improving Africa’s capital market investment climate.

17h45 – 19h00

VIP Networking Cocktail Reception